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Linux System Admin

The System Administrator should be an OS and application generalist with a basic understanding of networking technology. Understanding basic networking technologies like DHCP and DNS are expected of any System Administrator. In addition to these skills the ability to support a wide-variety of applications is very desirable. The ideal candidate for this position will be someone with a long history of technology experience who can build on his/her previous skill-set, and quickly add new ones.

OSes and Applications

It is desired that the Ovation Networks System Administrator be familiar with the following OS systems and applications:

  • Linux and Unix server OSes (required)
  • Microsoft desktop and server OSes (required)
  • VMware vSphere, vCenter, and vCloud (required)
  • Zerto replication software (desired)
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Service (heavily desired)
  • Office 365
  • Zoiper (VolP application)
  • TeamViewer
  • QuickBooks Enterprise (required or heavily desired)
  • All the popular web browsers
  • Latest antivirus software (presently using Avast! on all Windows desktops)
  • OpenVPN (desired)
  • OpenLDAP (heavily desired)
  • Microsoft Active Directory Services (required
  • Asterisk PBX (familiarity with similar systems desired)
The system administrator should have enough experience in all of these technologies to plan, implement, and support them for a small environment of 100 systems or less.

OS Support

Ovation Networks primarily uses the Ubuntu version of Linux but has a few VMware VMS running CentOS or FreeBSD. There are three Windows 2012 R2 servers (two DCs„one running locally and another on a cloud provider service, and one server running Remote Desktop Service role along with QuickBooks Enterprise 2013).
The ability to install and maintain these OSes is essential. In addition the system administrator should have an intermediate familiarity with creating, deleting, and modifying user accounts and assigning privileges to those accounts. The ability to work with ACLs (Access Control Lists) and groups is highly desired across all OSes.


Some experience with VMware is essential for the System Administrator at Ovation Networks. This experience should exceed a simple familiarity with vSphere. Some experience using vCIoud and/or vCenter is highly desired.
The System Administrator should have some familiarity with Zerto replication software, or be able to learn the technology quickly. This technology is presently used to maintain a replica of four Ovation VMS on Involta (a vCloud provider). In the event that the hardware on which these VMS reside fails these VMS can be restarted after failover on the Involta cloud.


Ovation Networks uses a variety of applications, some of them developed in-house. Training on the use and support of software developed in-house will be provided; however, the system administrator is expected to have some familiarity with popular applications used by individuals and businesses.

Office 365

Office 365 is an essential system to know. The ability to work with the Office 365 while not initially required is highly desired, and there would be an expectation that the system administrator would learn this software and the Office 365 administrative console.


Zoiper is a VolP application used by most of the Ovation staff, particularly in the NOC (Network Operations Center). Basic understanding of VolP communication is expected of Ovation's System Administrator but is not initially required. There would be an expectation on the part of Ovation Networks that the System Administrator would quickly learn how to support this application.


TeamViewer is a popular remote administration tool. It is not required that the System Administration know this product prior to employment; however, it would be expected that the system administrator would learn the software quickly and be able to support it in short order.


Some knowledge of QuickBooks is heavily desired, if not required. The System Administrator should have a basic understanding of how this peer-to-peer software works and be ready to support it as an application delivered to users via Remote Desktop Service. This requires a basic understanding of Active Directory user management and the Remote Desktop Service server role.


While it would be desired that the System Administrator know OpenVPN this is not an absolute necessity. However, a basic understanding of tunneling technology is highly desired.


It is highly desired that the System Administrator have a basic understanding of the LDAP protocol. It is required that this individual have a solid understanding of Active Directory in order to support the underlying systems that host Ovation's QuickBooks RemoteApp server (referred to above as Remote Desktop Services).

Asterisk PBX

While it is not expected that the System Administrator will have a full knowledge of Asterisk PBX software, it is highly desired that this individual know the underlying principles of VolP technology. Familiarity with similar proprietary systems would make the transition to supporting this technology that much easier.
Job type: full-time.
Required education: Bachelor's
Required experience: 5 years System Administration

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