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"I would like to give a huge “high five” to the install team that was here this week for our new access points. Nick and his team did a great job. We had no interruption of service for my guests and we were at a full house and all meeting space full as well. In addition, they were cordial to our staff and communicated well with each step.

I appreciated the professionalism and also information they provided us while they were here. Nick is an asset to your organization and represents your company very well. I will continue to recommend Ovations to other Holiday Inn hotels.

Thank you."
Michelle Irvin, CHA, CFBE, GM
Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites - Bloomington, IL
"Chris and Team of Ovation Networks: We want to say THANK you for all of your help with our property. Your staff has been outstanding with addressing any issues we have on property and helping our guests stay connected. Living in a society that is so dependent on the internet, we know this has become a necessity when traveling. From a financial perspective, travelers will choose another location if the WIFI is not working properly. Their business is our livelihood so a dependable network is mandatory. Your company was able to get us the correct equipment needed and make all changes in such a timely manner. The changes were made without any issues or hesitation. You were able to take the guess work out of the installation on our part. It truly made such a big impact on our property. Since choosing Ovation as our network support team, we feel like we have an IT department right on our property. Your friendly support staff is able to help with connection issues, are quick to respond when the system has errors, and are reliable 24 hours a day. We feel like Ovation Networks is the perfect fit to our team!"

Thank you for your support!"
Crystal Bennett, GM
Suburban Extended Stay Hotel - Hilton Head, SC
"I just wanted to pass the word that your Install Crew and Nick were phenomenal! I really enjoyed the professionalism, expertise, and customer service that was provided. Nick even went out of his way to fix our sales manager’s internet access. That was above and beyond the call of duty because it was not part of the guest system. All in all we feel very confident in Ovation Networks and look forward to our business partnership for success!"
Thomas Vasecka, GM
Holiday Inn Express - Baxter, Mn
"I have been with Ovation for about five years now and the absolute importance of fast, efficient internet has never been more relied on than NOW!

In this day and age your internet service can literally make or break a contract and affect the ability to retain and attract new business. Recently, it became apparent that my hotels internet was desperately in need of an update. My current system was 3 years old and just could not keep up with the demands of my guests. How did I know this? By guest complaints. We were receiving on average 5 complaints every week (I nearly lost a huge contract I had recently won due to my internet cutting in and out. This business was worth over $30,000 to my property). As soon as we saw this trend we reached out to Ovation and they provided us with expert advice. We upgraded our system and we had their technician come to the property and install new access points, a network switch and a controller - gone are the days of plug and pray; everything was done for us!

The difference is like night and day! This upgrade was huge! Our scores are back up where they should be, my front desk has little if any IT calls, and Ovation is logging virtually zero calls. No calls to Ovation means no complaints from my guests and this makes everyone happy. I can with all honesty say that our account manager, who 'held' our hand throughout the upgrade, made the transition as smooth and hassle free as possible. He not only knows the business inside and out but he cares! Good luck finding that these days. Both of our account managers, starting with when they won our business five years ago, and our current account manager, have been a 'dream' team. They will make it work, they will go above and beyond to exceed my expectations and have proved this day in and day out. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ovation to anyone. It works! It simply works. Guests will appreciate the investment and so will you."
Suzanne Moffat, GM
Comfort Suites - Crossville, TN


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