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Hotels & Motels

Our expert technicians will conduct an extensive site survey using the latest cutting edge technology to make sure your network performs at an optimal level.More Information


Do you have a resort? What do guests expect when they check in? A clean room, a nice bed, and even more important in this day-in-age, a GREAT wifi connection so they can get on, stay on and go fast!More Information

Apartments & Condos

You have a lot of things to worry about when managing a property, WIFI shouldn’t be one of them. More Information

IHG Preferred Vendor

Ovation Networks is a preferred vendor for IHG.More Information

Corporate Offices

Fully manage networks with premium equipment to make your business run smoothlyMore Information

Metropolitan Hotspots

We provide the equipment and 24x7 technical support for the residents of your fine city!More Information


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